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Convicted Paedophile/ Former Teacher William Baine. Taught at two Melbourne schools in the 1960s and 1980s including Dandenong's Lyndale Secondary College.

He was sentenced to six months' jail, after which he will be released on probation for two years.

Bakewell murdered Ms Culleton during a violent sexual assault in which he tied a bed sheet around her neck.

"Two killers will remain in prison" (20-3-2011) The State Government has once again overridden Parole Board recommendations. Jonathan Bakewell, now 49, was convicted in 1987 of the murder of 20-year-old Anne-Marie Culleton in her Darwin flat.

See also Follow developments in the investigation into this internet-based child pornography ring.

News (5-4-2002)- ABC News Online reports that a Perth court has jailed a member of an international child pornography ring for three years.

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