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Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2011 with funding from Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation GENERAL OFFICERS OF THE UNITED BROTHERHOOD of CARPENTERS & JOINERS of AMERICA GENERAL OFFICE: 101 Constitution Ave., N. AFL-CIO President Lane Kirkland and Secretary-Treasurer Thomas Donahue wave for the cameras following their unanimous re-election to office. Brotherhood Wins Broadcast Awards The International Labor Press As- sociation recently held its first Film and Broadcast competition, and the UBC emerged with three awards. 20001 GENERAL PRESIDENT William Konyha 101 Constitution Ave., N. An overriding theme of the con- vention was the determination to carry forward the new spirit of solidarity with policies and programs to spur union growth, preserve workers rights and deal with economic and political change in the years ahead. General President Konyha joins in the welcome for US Senator Ted Kennedy to the convention. ^^HI^I^^^^H General Secretary Rogers talks with United Auto Workers President Douglas Frazer. General President Konyha accepts one of the three awards from ILPA President Jim Cesnik. hutcheson William Sidell DISTRICT BOARD MEMBERS Secretaries, Please Note In processing complaints about magazine delivery, the only names which the financial secretary needs to send in are the names of members who are NOT receiving the magazine. Alder Street Portland, Oregon 97205 Eighth District, M. Bryant 5330-F Power Inn Road Sacramento, California 95820 Ninth District, John Carruthers 5799 Yonge Street #807 Willowdale, Ontario M2M 3V3 Tenth District, Ronald J. Rogers, Secretary Correspondence for the General Executive Board should be sent to the General Secretary. NEW ADDRESS City State or Province ZIP Code (ISSN 0008-6843) VOLUME 102 No. Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2K OG3 William Konyha, Chairman John S. Social Security or (in Canada) Social Insurance No. Judging was conducted by a varied group of independent judges selected from labor, media, and the field of education. public relations firm Maurer, Fleisher, Anderson & Conway. The UBC received its highest honor in the television commercial category, where it received first place for its 60-second spot "Building America's Future." The judges cited the com- mercial's creative scripting and the viewer appeal of the toll free "800" number. The Brotherhood also re- ceived an award of honor for its radio commercial of the same theme "Build- ing America's Future." The radio spot was also produced by Maurer, Flei- sher, Anderson & Conway. In the film strip and slide show category, the Brotherhood received an award of merit for the Organizing Department's Audioscan presentation "Let's Get Organized." The narrated slide show was produced by Union Communications of St. The competition is designed to rec- ognize the achievements of the labor movement in the film and broadcast fields, and to encourage greater use of the media by labor organizations. Well-deserved special commendations went to the International Ladies Gar- ment Workers Union for the song that has benefited the entire labor movement, "Look For The Union Label." JANUARY, 1982 Predictions of Things to Come As We Enter an Uncertain 1982 As battle-scarred 1981 recedes behind us, the new year, 1982, stretches out unmarred before us. Here are some predictions, projections, and changes from industry, labor and government sources: INTEREST RATES — Owens-Illinois Chairman Edwin D.

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Over 100 entries were submitted in 13 categories that covered film, radio, filmstrip, and slideshow presentations. Millwrights and mill-cabinet ap- prentices performed their manual tasks on November 11, and the car- pentry contestants took on their proj- ects on November 12. A total of 836 delegates from more than a hundred trade unions assem- bled in a time of recession and rising unemployment, and they immediately tackled the crucial issues before them. 39 In Conclusion William Konyha 40 POSTMASTERS, ATTENTION: Changs of address cords on Form 3579 should be sent to THE CARPENTER, Carpenters' Building, 101 Constitution Ave., N. 20722 by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America. A vast exhibition center, able to hold major national and international con- ventions, the hall was marked off into 48 20-foot squares, where, for two days, the state and provincial appren- ticeship champions performed their manipulative tests under the careful scrutiny of the judges. AFL-CIO Centennial Convention sets the stage for more anti-recession action in 7982 The big labor federation of North America and the world — the AFL-CIO — marked its centennial in November at its I4th Biennial Convention in New York City. For the 1981-1985 time period, manufacturers project a 13.3% annual increase. The largest increase in sales is expected in the Sunbelt and Pacific regions.

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