Online dating email response rate

We are in an age of almost non-existent attention spans.

Always keep this in mind when you start conversations with women online.

The one encouraging stat in Ok Cupid’s report is that women tend to send the first message to men who are rated, on average, 10 percent more attractive than themselves. Men, of course, make the first move on women who are rated an average of 17 percent more attractive than themselves, which could be one reason why that inbox full of come-ons is so uninspiring.

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So of course the careful messages women send to I’d hardly call this gender imbalance an “advantage” in online dating—Ok Cupid and other dating sites are minefields of sexual harassment and dogged creeps, especially for women of color.

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Several apps have tried to mitigate this persistent dynamic, which is frustrating for straight people of either gender.Women are socialized to field and assess incoming advances from men and not to make a move unless they’re reasonably certain their feelings are reciprocated.Men are taught to play the odds by buying women drinks, striking up random conversations on the subway, and disseminating pickup lines like they’re spraying pesticides.Women love men who ooze confidence and appear to be in high demand so you need to write in a manner that reflects this.Avoid phrases such as, “I hope to hear from you,” or “if you are interested,” and use language that reveals you are confident.

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