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Dan Dennet on Consciousness (05/27/17) Photo captures the moment. Spanish Dancer nudibranch (Hexabranchus sanguineus) (05/25/17) How a mathematician can actually turn a doughnut inside-out (05/24/17) Circular Piano.

1979 (05/28/17) Our minds are made of little robots.

Math, beauty, and reality (06/20/17) Fractal gears (06/19/17) Strange animation: Sister Alice Smith with tesseract (hypercube), containing a walking ostrich (06/18/17) Can You Walk on Water? Crane vs eagle (06/16/17) Watching a laser machine gun clean rusty metal is a perfect meditation (06/15/17) Magnets, copper coil, and batteries will make you a tiny hyperloop (06/14/17) Hexagonal fabric of the machine matrix (06/13/17) Mobius Strip Menger Sponge = Mobius Menger Sponge. A glimpse of our worm-like overlords of the future (06/01/17) Weird 3-D printed math shoes generated using Conways Game of Life (05/31/17) 27-Year-Old will be the first woman to visit every country in the world (05/30/17) Ghost ship made of water and lights (05/29/17) A collaboration graph for prolific mathematician Paul Erdos, c.

(04/30/17) Policeman measures distance from knee to suit.

Dampens tremors (04/04/17) Creative "wet floor" sign (04/03/17) Free. Free Paper PDF (03/04/17) Archimedes proved: Vol(cylinder) = Vol(sphere) Vol(cone). A relationship between pi and e (03/02/17) Listen to the Wikipedia edits happening in real time (02/22/17) The spirit of a beautiful flying bird, found in an orchid (02/21/17) Can you solve the Klein Bottle Rubik's Cube and not go insane?

(04/05/17) Gyro Glove, designed by 26-yr-old for Parkinsons patients, uses gyroscopes to resist hand movement. A mysterious and beautiful equality (03/22/17) Sets of curves that represent factorial multiplication within modulo bases (PDF) (03/21/17) Imagine showing these "texting" lanes, on steps, to people from the year 1900. (03/20/17) My Twitter feed is like Reality Carnival on steroids (03/19/17) The Fractal Mega Menger: made out of over a million business cards (03/07/17) Map showing origin/diffusion of chess from India to Asia, Africa, & Europe, and the changes in the name (03/06/17) Imagine encountering this road, as you drive toward the sunset of your life (03/05/17) Shocking Misconceptions about the Golden Ratio.

Animated Centipede Brain Universe Mystery of Mia Human History Moog God Glass Worm 9999 Cables and God Square Reality Sphere Puzzle Gibson, Christ, Error Laurie Dhue Tiffany Shlain Da Vinci Code Iraq Insect Stone Face Corpse chess Creating life Chaos Scope Bathypelagic Woman Woman Fused Bird Crying 1000 Golems Woman & "Apples" Einstein Maze Mystery Dog Phyllodocida Twin Creatures Wasp Woman Woman on Bus Woman with Device-1 Woman with Device-2 Woman with machinery Heterochromous woman with eye Ultralineamentum Woman Fungi Mysterious message Paris Reality Woman with alien Red Button Recursive Mouth - .... Green fluorite crystal, with cubic & octahedral faces (11/26/16) Great scientists on U. stamps (11/25/16) This is an article on The Hoof of Archimedes (11/24/16) A majority of teachers in England plan to quit in next two years (11/23/16) Impressive 1884 lithograph.

(11/29/16) Math steps, for kids of all ages (11/28/16) The Harlingue monowheel in April 1914 ("aerial tractor") (11/27/16) Beautiful geometries everywhere.

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