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It could help eliminate hunger and disease; it could also lead to the sort of dystopia we used to only read about in sci-fi novels. A series of academic studies suggest that the wealthy are, to put it bluntly, selfish jerks. — and to a pet project called USAFacts, which performs a sort of fiscal colonoscopy on the American government.

It’s an easy narrative to swallow — but is it true? All it took was a Dutch postal worker’s uniform, some envelopes stuffed with cash, and a slight sense of the absurd. On the Internet, people say all kinds of things they’d never say aloud — about sex and race, about their true wants and fears.

They are the most-trusted profession in America (and with good reason).

They are critical to patient outcomes (especially in primary care).

The good news: it can be treated by quitting gluten. Treasury Secretary, a chief economist for the Obama White House and the World Bank, and president of Harvard. We tend to think of medicine as a science, but for most of human history it has been scientific-ish at best.

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She is also one of just 15 Democratic governors in the country. The International Monetary Fund has long been the “lender of last resort” for economies in crisis.That’s what a dream team of social scientists is doing — and we sat in as they drew up their game plan. One reason is that clinical trials are often run on “dream patients” who aren’t representative of a larger population.Celiac disease is thought to affect roughly one percent of the population. On the other hand, sometimes the only thing worse than being excluded from a drug trial is being included.And he thinks the Trump Administration is wrong on just about everything. Standing in line represents a particularly sloppy — and frustrating — way for supply and demand to meet.Why haven’t we found a better way to get what we want?

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