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It is a homage to the last king of Dacia (today's Romania), from Prof. Romanian Inventor Traian Vuia was the first European to built and fly a fully self-propelled, fixed-wing 'automobile airplane' (March 18, 1906).The first substance proved to have a normalizing effect on blood sugar levels - (the predecessor of insulin) was discovered by Romanian physiologist, professor of medicine: Nicolae Paulescu! Paulescu performed experiments in which he obtained an anti-diabetic pancreatic extract.The oldest cave drawings in Central and Eastern Europe were found recently in Romania's Coliboaia cave.Discovered by chance during a routine expedition in a very remote area in Apuseni National Park , the 13 drawings, which represent animals such as rhinos, buffalos, horses and cats, are approximately 32,000 years.

The monument celebrates obduracy, audacity and pride. Bitdefender – one of the best antivirus / Internet security software suites - was developed by Romanian company Softwin.With an area of 92,043 square miles (238,391 square kilometer), Romania is the largest country in Southeastern Europe. The Carpathian Mountains are home to one of the largest undisturbed forests in Europe.It is roughly the same size as the United Kingdom and slightly smaller than the U. 400 unique species of mammals, including the Carpathian chamois, call the Carpathian Mountains home.Originally established in the 17th century, the massive mines were formed completely by hand and machine rather than by using explosives.Visitors are invited to descend as far down as almost 400 feet into the Earth in order to witness the history of the trade. The mighty Danube River flows 1,788 miles from its springs in Germany's Black Forest to the Black Sea.

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    “It’s been a tremendous success.” Through it all, Jack was, above all, a teacher.

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    Kanji Lalji Mehta (Paresh Rawal), a middle-class atheist Hindu owns a shop of Hindu idols and antiques in Mumbai.

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    (6218 Wörter)Schiller, Friedrich - Maria Stuart Ein Überblick zu den wichtigsten Punkten über "Maria Stuart" von Friedrich Schiller: historischer Hintergrund, Entstehungsgeschichte, Handlungsverlauf, Figuren, Sprachliche Form uvm.

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    Christ became the accepted Christian designation and title of Jesus of Nazareth, because Christians believe that messianic prophecies in the Christian Old Testament were fulfilled in his mission, death, and resurrection.

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